Vad kan Starwars lära oss om pedagogik?

Jag råkade stöta på en intressant bloggpost om varför Yoda i Starwars är en utmärkt lärare.
 Några av egenskaperna hos Yoda, liksom en god lärare är ödmjukhet, att hålla upptäcktslusten högt, att vara medmänsklig, att se potentialen i sin adept och att förmå att utmana alldeles lagom mycket. Jag håller med, och framför allt var det lite smårolig läsning med ett nytt grepp. Här är skälen till att Yoda är en utmärkt lärare (direkt från originalposten)
 Compassion: Yoda would do anything for a student. When you see the entire trajectory of the series, you see a Yoda who seems motivated by compassion for his students, even when it costs him personally.
 Humility: Yoda was humble throughout the entire series. True, there were moments where his judgment seemed off, but he was always willing to sacrifice fame and fortune in order to help others. Great teachers have this sense of humility when they teach.
 Discovery: Watch how Yoda trains Luke and you get a sense that it’s about the journey and the discovery. He doesn’t lay out a systematic framework. He doesn’t bust out rigid lesson plans. He allows Luke to discover his identity and grow in his wisdom.
 Character: Instead of seeing education as merely the acquisition of a skill set, Yoda was able to focus on the character of a Jedi instead. For all the talk of reaching the “whole child,” I often find this mindset missing in schools – the notion that education has the potential to make us better people.
 Perseverance: The whole concept of “grit” has become more popular lately. Yoda understood that students need to struggle, work hard and keep going. Although I disagree with the “do or do not do” axiom, I love the attitude of sticking with it until you get it right.
 Just Enough Help: Yoda could have defeated Darth Vader, but he let Luke do it instead. Great teachers know when to step out of the way and allow their students to thrive.
 Potential: Yoda saw potential in Luke when others didn’t. However, he also saw flaws in Anakin that others missed (due to Anakin’s great skills). I think there’s a real value in teachers being able to see students honestly instead of being wowed by someone’s giftedness.
 Simplicity: I’m not crazy about Yoda’s fortune cookie advice, but the truth is that sometimes wisdom is simple. Sometimes proverbs are profound. Yoda worked with action-oriented people and helped them to slow down and calm their minds through his use of simplicity.